Q. Is the power box waterproof or does it have an IP rating?

A. No, in short the powerboxes are not waterproof however due to the design and components used we are not concerned with minor splashing or moisture this should cause no issues.

Q. How do I tell the state of charge on my power box?

A. All power box models currently come with a Victron battery monitor, Download and use the VICTRON CONNECT app the link to download this app on your smartphone - https://www.victronenergy.com/panel-systems-remote-monitoring/victronconnect#victronconnect-downloads

Q. Can I run a inverter off the power box? 

A. Yes, the 150Ah and 200Ah models have a Anderson plug connector to allow for easy connection of a inverter if needed. All accessories can be found on the powerbox.net website or your local dealer

Q. Can I run a solar blanket to charge?

A. YES, our power box comes standard with a  Red Anderson plug for solar input, this runs through the redarc charger so no need for additional solar regulators.

Q. Will it drain my vehicle starting battery?

A. No , due to the Redarc BCDC1225 the low voltage cut off will prevent it draining down your starting battery

Q. Can the 1225 be upgraded as I would like a 40A charger or 50A charger? 

A. Yes we can upgrade to a larger charger for $100 for 40 amp and $175 50 amp

Q. If I upgrade to the bigger charger will the normal power supply cable be suitable? 

A.  NO, it will need larger cable to suit the 40/50 current draw) potentially parallel 2 harness or custom 16mm power supply, this can be supplied at request.

Q. What is the warranty on the power box?

A. the power box has various warranties based on the component. In the event of an issue please contact the power box email for customer support and assistance.

Redarc charger 2 years

Powertech battery 3 years

Victron battery monitor 5 years

Battery case 3 years

All switches, outlets and other components are 12 months.

Q. Will my battery box drain while not in use?

A. Our latest generation of power boxes comes with a battery isolator switch on the front this is designed to allow the battery not to draw down while not in use.

Q.  Can you replace the battery?

A. Yes we use the Powertech range of battery and can be replaced in the event if needed.

Q. What happens if a fuse blows on a circuit?

A. Our power boxes are built with resettable circuit breakers in the event a circuit does blow these can be simply pushed back in and reset however if it blows again check the device you are plugging in is not faulty.

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