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All in one portable power boxes

Our All-In-One Portable Power Boxes pack a real punch and will keep your campsite, gatherings and accessories charged up and powering.


The new range of Power Boxes for 2022 are designed with durability in mind and coupled with the best equipment on the market to give the consumer peace of mind knowing their 12v system is setup to take them off the beaten track. With the new Victron 500a smart shunt battery monitoring system the new Power Box range provide all the required information on your 12v system in the palm of your hand via the Victron App.

“Information is power when it comes to 12v systems”

Each of the Power Box range includes a Redarc 1225D charging platform including the MPPT solar input, charging Powertech batteries in range sizes from 100ah, 150ah and 200ah.

Looks and style are also second to none with the new Power Box range offering customisable style where the consumer can choose from 6 different colour combinations between the face plate and top deck storage area.

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Power Box Video


Hi. Thought you might be interested in the photos of my installation of a PB-100 in a 2022 Next-Gen Ford Ranger Wildtrak. I have just completed an 1800km road trip and the battery worked as expected and kept the fridge running and the drinks cold. I especially like the fact that battery is removeable and able to be used in different applications (boat, camping, another vehicle…) 

Great product and thoroughly recommended! 





Brett Williams